Having grown-up in the rise of the digital age and as one of the UKs biggest TV and online stars, Joe Sugg knows better than anyone how it feels to be overwhelmed by the world wide web and its endless stream of content. Experiencing feelings of anxiety and burnout, Joe has come up with his very own creative and practical ways to let nature in, that are accessible no matter where in the world you live, from the city to the seaside. Joe’s natural storytelling abilities will immerse us in a truly restorative read that shows ways to balance our time online with the outdoors, and grow happier, heathier and calmer by doing so. Alongside Joe’s practical tips are his hand-drawn illustrations and personal stories of his journey to happiness.

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It may be darker outside, but we can still enjoy the benefits of nature – let Joe Sugg show you how in this essential guide to fixing your relationship with the online world by bringing nature inside

For so long, we’ve all been drowning in an endless stream of online content.

NOW is the time to fix that – repair our relationship with tech, learn to check into nature, and improve our mental wellbeing.

As one of the UK’s first and biggest YouTube stars, Joe Sugg knows this struggle all too well.

And now he has the solution: we need to bring nature inside.

In GROW, he will guide you through creative and practical ways to digitally detox wherever you live, without throwing away your tech, featuring . . .

· Simple ways to reduce your screen time
· A beginner’s guide to gardening – inside and out
· Wildflowers and insects to look out for in nature
· The benefits of houseplants – and how not to kill them
· Personal stories from Joe’s own journey
· Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations

Grow immerses us in a truly restorative journey that shows ways to balance our time online with the outdoors, and grow happier, healthier and calmer by doing so.

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