The Selection Box: Books Edition with Joanne Hunter

Jarlath meets Joanne Hunter the manager of a brilliant independent book shop in Louisburgh in county Mayo to talk about the challenges facing these kinds of book shops during the pandemic.

We hear the very unusual story of how an Irish Times article brought her to apply for the job and how Books At One has come from a cornerstone of the community.

The Selection Box: Books Edition with Mary Ruddy

Mary Ruddy gives Jarlath a look inside the shop, the rich history of its location and how she came to run the store with her husband Vincent Murphy. Like it’s sister store in Louisburgh, the books store that started this series, the Letterfrack branch is more than just a book retailer.

Mary talks to Jar about her previous life, her publishing company Artisan and the task of founding a local radio station. Finally Jarlath fondly looks back across the series and urges us one final time to go and seek out these gems wherever they can be found. Special thanks to Dec Ryan and The One Foundation for all their help in creating this series.