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Books At One in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo was established by The One Foundation in 2016 and has become an integral part of the social and economic fabric of this small town on the West coast. While primarily a bookshop, our offering has expanded to include a workshop space, a printing operation and a co-working space, all driven by the needs of our community.

Originally envisioned as a one-off project, the need for similar facilities in other locations across Ireland has become apparent, leading to an ambitious plan of bringing Books At One to every county in Ireland. Our bookshops are locally managed, while operating under a common brand and actively participating in a network where ideas, knowledge and skills are shared.

We are committed to sharing our love of reading with all members of the community in a modern, accessible and dynamic space. We will provide social, cultural and creative hubs in communities where no such facility currently exists.

When you buy from us, or donate a second-hand book, you are supporting a social enterprise that invests profits in cultivating a love of reading for pleasure, learning and social connection.

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Books are solitudes in which we meet

Rebecca Solnit

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free

Frederick Douglass

One child, one teacher, one book & one pen can change the world

Malaya Yousafzai

May this book be another crack in the wall that all too often divides us. May we each live a life worth retelling

Oein DeBhairduin