How to Function With an Addiction - Five Easy Steps.


If you want to know how to cope with an addiction, then you have come to the right (write) place.

Below are some hot tips in how to deal with messy, all consuming, soul-enflaming ADDICTION.


Addiction for me is a daily struggle. I mean there is coffee…always the caffeine, and chocolate (caffeine again) and tea (Damn You Caffeine!) from which to try and extract oneself but did you know, that marauding amongst these mundane addictions, is something far worse, something far more challenging from which to escape.


Hello – my name is Caroline and I am an addict.


I suffer from a not-so-rare addiction known as Tsundoku.

Tsundoku is the addiction to reading material, the need to purchase and possess as much reading material as possible but not necessarily ever getting around to reading it.


To highlight the widespread nature of this addiction I will case study some people who too suffer, as I do. (Surprisingly enough they all work at Books@One)


Introducing Jake.


Jake is a history enthusiast, a book lover and a drinker of copious amounts of tea. He works at Books@One, Louisburgh, County Mayo and… wishes it was still socially acceptable to carry a sword.



Below are his confessions:


Books in your life, what impact do they have?


Books have a huge effect on my life, I have been reading for as long as I can remember and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Apart from access to books, what has working in Books@One brought to you?


Working in Books@One has made me appreciate all the different kinds of books and book readers that are out there. I’ve learnt how to help people find what they’re looking for while chatting and also how to recommend books I think they might like more accurately.


What is your favourite book and why? 


My favourite book? Well my favourite new book is Red Dirt by E.M. Reapy, otherwise I have to say Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Catch-22 is a masterpiece by any standard, filled with sharp wit and profound insight into war, love and loneliness.


Who is your favourite author and why? 


My favourite author is, hands down, the late, great, Terry Pratchett. One of the most prolific and terrifyingly excellent authors of our time his books reflect the modern world in a way that many other authors fail to achieve. With books that appeal to all ages, you simply can’t go wrong with Sir Terry Pratchett.


If you could create a new section in the book store for a particular genre or type of book, what would it be? 


Now this is a difficult question, an entirely new section in the bookshop? Perhaps an area dedicated to Terry Pratchett? Or maybe a full photography section just to round things out? I don’t know, but if it happens I'll have to think long and hard about it.


There is no future for you agree/disagree...why?


No future for books? Quite the opposite, I would argue that we are at the forefront of a literary renaissance. Books are being written, published and bought left, right and centre, not only that but the quality of writing is high and frankly getting better by the day. The future of books is strong.


When you are working in the store and someone asks for a recommendation, what do you say? 


When someone asks for a recommendation I usually ask what sort of books they like first then go from there. I tend to recommend newer books that people haven’t read yet but otherwise it’s anything that springs to mind.


Do you suffer from Tsundoku? 


Yes, I do suffer from Tsunduko, particularly with historical books.  I buy them with the intention of furthering my education but alas, I never read them.


You see…Tsundoku is an addiction of epic proportions! And can affect even the most steadfast of us.


As for the five steps to help you function with your addiction…

I suggest step one: Read.

Step Two: Read.

Step Three: Read.

Step Four: Read.

Step Five: Read.


Clear out that backlog of unread material and suddenly you will find your Tsundoku quite cured.


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