Expert up to date research and stunning photography on the history, distribution, identification and culinary value of the wild food plants of Ireland.

This is the first time that the wild crop relatives (WCR) food plants of Ireland are discussed in detail and presented in a stunning book format with beautiful photography supported with expert research conducted and documented by two well know Irish botanists Tom Curtis and Paul Whelan.

The book describes the plants in enough detail for identification including distribution maps of their current state and includes a wealth of information on their culinary value, including indicative recipes, dishes and preparations. It also addresses the history of their uses, their importance and value economically and the urgent need to protect them for future generations.

It brings to the attention of a wide audience, the richness and uses of our wild food plants.

Chefs, cooks, foodies, foragers, farmers and gardeners, as well as the wider public will find this book invaluable for locating and identifying accurately, our edible wild plants as well as those involved in courses on cooking and culinary, botany, agriculture, conservation and practical outdoor field courses.