Eddie Smyth made his first recorded appearance in Dublin, Ireland in 1961, where, he says, apart from a couple of cameo roles elsewhere, he wasted most of his youth. He has worked as a stores and warehouse operative, forklift driver, motorcycle courier, and as a door-to-door and telephone sales person. Writing since about aged five, while still in his earlier years at primary school he won a national award for a story he penned for an Irish newspaper.

His novel The Prince (now known as The Revenge of the Stoned Rats) was published in 1996. Considering his influences to be musical, he has been known to play it loudly whilst he writes, as well as literary, citing the lyrics of David Bowie, Talking Heads and The Psychedelic Furs, he was inspired by the irreverence and anti-establishment ethos of the Punk Rock movement. A committed swimmer, vaper, table tennis and poker player, Eddie has since re-located to the village of Slane, in the county of Meath.