Mac Tíre Tales is a poetry book compiled of 111 inspiring poetic perspectives on the journey to freedom, from over 20 poets. Our collection of raw, real, uplifting and vulnerable words are interwoven with powerful illustrations by the incredible artist, Naomi Zanardo. The purpose of this book is to assist us in raising funds to continue our work towards our massive transformational purpose.

At Wolf Academy, it is our vision to transform Ireland’s education so that young people have all the experiences, awareness, skills and knowledge they need to live happy and healthy lives, become their true selves and achieve their ultimate vision.

We offer inspirational talks, workshops and a suite of online courses to secondary schools across Ireland. They are delivered by a team of professionals in the wellbeing space. We also aim to build an academy where young people can come after finishing school to discover who they are and what they want to do in the world.