The EBM prints from PDF files only.  We need two files; one for the cover and one for the book block (interior).  Images must be  non-copyrighted and at least 300ppi.



Your book will be trimmed to the size of the PDF pages (“trim size”). 

Maximum page size is 8.25” /209.55mm x 10.5” /266.7mm (w x h)

Minimum page size is 4.5”/114.3mm x 5”/127mm (w x h).

Your interior file (book block) must have at least 44 pages, no more than 600 and must be formatted in individual pages (not spreads).  We recommend at least 0.75” /19.05mm margins on all sides. 

What you see in the PDF is what will appear in the printed book. 


We offer full colour interiors and a choice of three types of paper - your EBM Consultant will talk you through this.



Your cover should be centred on an A3 size document and should include—from left to right—the back cover, spine and front cover.

Your front and back covers will be the same size as your pages. 

We offer full colour paperback covers in a satin finish.

Click on the PDF for the full Submission Guidelines!







The Espresso Book Machine ® (EBM) is a state-of-the-art printer which produces high quality paperbacks with full colour covers, trimmed to order in the time it takes to brew one of our delicious coffees (or a proper cup of tea).

There are a little over 60 EBMs all over the world and one of them is here in Louisburgh! This is the only one of its kind in Ireland and the UK.


Finally you can get your masterpiece out there!


If you wish to self publish , we can print your book for you and sell it in the shop and online—even help arrange a launch.


To retail your book an ISBN & Barcode will be required—please  ask your EBM Consultant for further details.


Of course, you may wish to go down the traditional publishing route, in which case, nothing beats seeing a draft copy of your book in print form to help you iron out those little glitches.  Many authors complete a short print run (of up to 20) for distribution amongst editors, proof readers, designers, friends and family— we can even provide a focus group panel for feedback.


Why not impress a publisher with an eye-catching copy of your book...



  • Print, self-publish and perhaps sell your own book.

  • Transform your memoir, family history, Granny’s recipes, poetry, play and just about anything else into a beautiful paperback.

  • Re-print your own copy of a much-loved classic or any public domain book (i.e. not subject to copyright)

Print 1—Print 1000

the choice is yours



Why should I print my book with Books@One?

  • We’re an independent Book Shop offering a small print-run option at a competitive price (print one or print up to 1000)

  • We’ll check your book before sending it to print and if you’re printing more than one you’ll get to see the first copy to ensure you’re happy with it.  Changes can still be made (at a small additional admin fee) before sending the rest to print.

  • Flexibility to print small runs which means you can make changes any time at a small additional cost.

  • Books@One is a Community enterprise run by part-time staff and a big heap of volunteering - any income from book printing helps make this project sustainable & funds School/Community Projects.


Should I make an appointment?

Yes please!  We are extremely busy so cannot deal with people who drop in on spec.  Consultations are strictly by appointment.

We’d be delighted to give you a free initial consultation and to ensure quick service, please contact us for an appointment on this email address –

How long does it take to make my book?

This depends on both the quality of the submitted files and the number of books in our pipeline. Even if the guidelines are followed to the letter, there may still be some necessary changes. We will check your files, making sure that the book block size and cover size are correct. Only then will we upload your file to check it on the EBM's interface. If it can be uploaded and looks correct, we’ll print a first copy. This typically occurs within 30 days of your initial order.

If everything is perfect, the actual printing and binding of each book takes between 7 to 15 minutes - depending on the number of pages.

Do I need an ISBN or a Barcode?

You don't need an ISBN or Barcode if you're not planning to sell your book to the public, and you can always add these later if you change your mind (the kind of flexibility we mentioned above!)

​Can I sell my book via Books@One?

We’d love to stock your book and if we printed it and it has an ISBN, we can add it to our shelves and our database.

It is then a "print on demand" book and can be purchased via our website.

It might also be possible to organise a book launch in the shop for you.



Word processing:

Microsoft Word

Open Office (free)

Cover design:


Corel Draw

Inkscape (free)

Or make basic covers using your word processor.

Books@One also offer a customised cover design service. Click on the button below for more information.

PDF formatting:

Adobe Acrobat

YouTube search: "make + pdf"


Any further questions?

Please contact us by emailing  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Initial Upload Fee

The EBM prints from 2 PDF files (1 for the cover & 1 for the interior) and we charge an initial upload fee of €50 for your print ready files.

This includes up to 3 updates and 1 sample/draft copy.

An additional fee of €15 for minor formatting adjustments.

*We don’t currently offer any formatting or design services but we can put you in touch with experts who can undertake this work for you.

Please ask your EBM Consultant for details.

Print Cost Per Book

  • Standing charge per book €5.00 plus €0.05 per page

  • Colour printing €0.05 per page surcharge

  • Print on colour background – price on application


We offer a simple consultation to make sure your PDFs are print-ready and if you need help with the design and layout of your cover we can connect you with our bank of expert design partners so that your book comes out as a beautiful, quality paperback.

The EBM is proving really popular so we have to insist upon pre-arranging a consultation to ensure we have time to spend with you.

To arrange a free consultation simply call on +353 (0)98 66885 to make an appointment, drop into the shop and complete a contact form, if you live locally and are a little old fashioned that way, or email

The Magical Mechanical Book Chicken awaits! (You'll get the reference when you see her in action...)



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