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In 2016 Books at One opened its first community book shop in Louisburgh, Co Mayo. Nestled between Ireland’s holy mountain, Croagh Patrick, and Connaught’s highest mountain, Mweelrea, Louisburgh was built in 1795 by John Denis Brown, 3rd Earl of Altamount, who later became the 1st Marquis of Sligo.

As continuous as the tide sweeping in from the Atlantic Ocean, the area has seen a steady flow of creativity over the centuries. Poets, musicians, authors, bards and artists have taken their inspiration from the wild rugged landscape which has witnessed wild celebration and great hardship.

Stories of Grainne Uaile, Ireland’s Pirate Queen, are part of the fabric of Louisburgh, which looks out on Clare Island where the ruins of her castle still stand.

Louisburgh can lay claim to the oldest parish magazine in Ireland. An Choinneal is a record of Louisburgh’s history and heritage from 1959 to the present day and is a tribute to the storytellers, writers and craftspeople of the area.

We could write a book about the characters who have inspired and been inspired by Louisburgh, and perhaps one day we will, but until then why not come and experience it for yourself and let Books at One be your guide.

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New Arrivals

  • Lottie Brooks continues to navigate the many perils of growing up in this fantastically funny illustrated series for a 9-12 audience, filled with friendship, embarrassing moments and plenty of lols. Readers LOVE Lottie Brooks:My daughter couldn't put it down and read it in 2 days. Read at breakfast, walking downstairs, tea time, in the bath. My 9-year-old daughter devoured it in two nights, and all I could hear from her was giggling and the occasional "Mum! Listen to this! This is SO me!".My 12 year old reluctant reader took this book, read 100 pages in one night and proclaimed it 'the best book ever'Katie has managed to capture the essence of what this group think and feel in a positive, life-affirming fashion.
  • Nell has come home at her family's insistence to celebrate an anniversary. Fifty years ago, her father wrote The Golden Bones. Part picture book, part treasure hunt, Sir Frank Churcher created a fairy story about Elinore, a murdered woman whose skeleton was scattered all over England. The book was a sensation. A community of treasure hunters called the Bonehunters formed, in frenzied competition, obsessed to a dangerous degree. People sold their homes to travel to England and search for Elinore. Marriages broke down as the quest consumed people. A man died. The book made Frank a rich man. Nell, became a recluse. Now the Churchers must be reunited. The book is being reissued along with a new treasure hunt and a documentary crew are charting everything that follows. Nell is appalled, and terrified. During the filming, Frank reveals the whereabouts of the missing golden bone. All hell breaks loose.
  • Charlie Mackesy's beloved 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' has been adapted into an animated short film. This book celebrates the work of over 100 animators across two years of production - with Charlie's distinctive illustrations brought to life in full colour with hand-drawn traditional animation and accompanying hand-written script.
  • Weave

    In this unique collaboration, writers Deirdre Sullivan and Oein DeBhairduin and artist Yingge Xu explore their shared passion for storytelling, folklore and ritual. Encompassing eight stories inspired by the eight festivals in the wheel of the year, this book illuminates our experiences and traverses our fears, intertwining older threads with contemporary spaces.

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Books are solitudes in which we meet

Rebecca Solnit

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free

Frederick Douglass

One child, one teacher, one book & one pen can change the world

Malaya Yousafzai

May this book be another crack in the wall that all too often divides us. May we each live a life worth retelling

Oein DeBhairduin


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