We are not born bad, ugly, stupid, average, superior or inferior, yet these and  other labels plague our adult lives. Why do we pigeonhole ourselves and put limits on our abilities? Our desire to be accepted by friends, family and the  world at large forces us to bow to society`s demands and shackles our true selves.

Today`s world worships at the altar of success. Magazines and television shows constantly offer us the chance to be somebody, anybody, but who we really are. We follow someone else`s ideal until we end up with no idea of the person we were before we started.

Whose life are we living? By giving up our freedom, we no longer belong to ourselves. We belong to those who have influenced and altered us. Dr Tony Humphreys questions the way we approach our lives and shows us how to emerge from the darkness that has hidden us. Following in the style of the bestselling ‘The Power of “Negative” Thinking’, this is an important book from one our most important writers in the area of psychology.