‘Supportive of Germany’s ambitions in 1914, Thomas Mann’s vision of a progressive country soon turns to disillusionment. The most successful novelist of his time, conflict with his own selfhood also leaves Mann battling against his deepest, hidden emotions. Married to Katia and the father of six children, complicated family dynamics are captured brilliantly by Tóibín. Blending personal struggle with global events, this is an absorbing fictional account of Thomas Mann’s fascinating life.’ Recommended by Emma Shannon, Dubray Rathmines. From one of our greatest living writers comes a sweeping novel of unrequited love and exile, war and family. The Magician tells the story of Thomas Mann, whose life was filled with great acclaim and contradiction. He would find himself on the wrong side of history in the First World War, cheerleading the German army, but have a clear vision of the future in the second, anticipating the horrors of Nazism. He would have six children and keep his homosexuality hidden; he was a man forever connected to his family and yet bore witness to the ravages of suicide. He would write some of the greatest works of European literature, and win the Nobel Prize, but would never return to the country that inspired his creativity. Through one life, Colm Toibin tells the breathtaking story of the twentieth century.