This is a playful and provocative collection of 365 extracts sourced from the British Library’s collections. Selected to challenge and inform the reader, each excerpt is accompanied by the unique shelfmark number of the source publication. Encompassing a wide range of great works in literature, poetry, essays and letters, historical and scientific treatises, and including beloved and popular authors as well as controversial writers, each extract will encourage enquiry and stimulate the imagination.

Beautifully designed and illustrated with the Library’s collections, with one extract for every day of the year, this book can be read as a thought to start the day or can be dipped into for inspiration at random.

Includes extracts from:

Joseph Conrad: The Mirror of the Sea: Memories and Impressions

Sigmund Freud: ‘The Interpretations of Dreams’

Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique

David Hume: A Treatise of Human Nature

Plato: The Republic

Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition

Jane Austen: letter to Cassandra Austen, 17/18 Oct. 1815

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

George Orwell: The English People

Adam Smith: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass