100 Ways to Design a Healthy Home is a concise, content-led book that demystifies and educates the reader about how our homes can be better designed to support our mental and physical well-being. It breaks down the complex subject of sustainable, biophilic design into specific areas of the home: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and workspace.

These 100 tried-and-true research-based ideas support our health and well-being in even the smallest of spaces. They create a framework of ideas that the reader can dip into, to help them understand the issues that impact mental and physical well-being, offering up easy, practical solutions around the home. Get the lighting right and your home will start to help you through the day, follow a ventilation checklist to replenish the air in your home and remove pollutants, or unlock the powers of a screen-free bedroom for a better night’s sleep!

Leading sustainability architect Oliver Heath has devised each solution with implementation in mind so that regardless of your budget (or if you have any money to spend at all), if you rent or own your property, 100 Ways to Design a Healthy Home contains creative ideas that are easy to understand, and solutions that are stylish, fun, and affordable to implement.