Mrs Byrne, you’ve a beautiful, very pale, ginger-haired baby boy with a wonky eye. As she was handed me by the midwife, my mother wept for all the wrong reasons. She could have slept with a platypus and I still would have come out better than this.

So begins Jason Byrne’s Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy, Jason Byrne’s side-splitting memoir of an accident prone childhood growing up on a mad road in suburban Dublin in the 70s and 80s.

Accompanied by the award-winning illustrator Nicky Phelan, you’ll meet a hilarious cast of real life characters from Jason’s childhood, including Jason’s dad whose favourite thing is doing absolutely nothing, escaping for a jar, sitting on the jacks for hours, panicking and worrying about paying the bills; Jason’s mum whose special powers include slaps, clips around the ear, doing too much, not looking after herself and pleasing others; big brother Eric whose favourite thing to do is repeatedly call Jason a spa; best mate Karl with whom Jason spends his time doing mad stuff like sliding down hills on cardboard, setting fire to their eyebrows, making swings and breaking limbs; and of course our hero: wonky-eyed, accident prone, professional rat Jason.