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Opening Event: Literature is Dead. Long Live Literature.

Opening to the first (by no means last) full house, Geraldine Mitchell, Marian Kilcoyne and Caroline Healy set the tone for the whole weekend, reading from their various (and varied) collections of poetry and short stories, peppered with poignant and funny anecdotes, discussions on the role books play in our lives and how the Wild Atlantic landscape can inspire, compel and repel in equal measure. There was laughter, anticipation, reminiscence, whimsy and pure joy from these three award-winning literary talents. What an auspicious start to any Festival.

  Festival Highlights 2017


Amanda Bell & 

The Lost Library Book

The setting was perfect.  The children were enthralled.  What a pleasure to have Amanda Bell come to our library in Louisurgh and read from her very special children's novel

The Lost Library Book.

Here's to cultivating the next generation of Book Lovers!

Anne Chambers: Writing Biography - The Artist Under Oath

With no less than 7 biographies in her catalog (another due for release in October) an historical novel and more , Anne Chambers held the attention of the audience (another full house) all evening.  This famous Mayo-born Biographer really knows her subject (s). 

This wasn't  just an insight into the processes of an accomplished biographer, but a journey through some fascinating periods of Irish history, from Grace O'Malley's era to the more modern times of TK Whitaker, brought to life by Anne's remarkable ability to "tell (more than) a good story" with integrity, pure writing talent and a healthy dose of humour. 

Caroline Preston,

This Tumult

The beautiful and intimate venue of Solas Upstairs Gallery was packed to the perfectly-formed rafters for this very lively interview with Caroline Preston by local historian John Lyons. This Tumult, Caroline's first novel, proved a compelling subject for analysis and discussion with Caroline, a formidable person with a great story to tell. A very thought-provoking late afternoon delve into a tumultuous period of history from a different perspective.

Harry Potter

Story-time with Shelley

Call it a hunch, but we always suspected that this particular event would cast a spell over a large audience!

The reading room and bookshop were packed with Potterfans of all ages who converged on Books@One for the ultimate Story-time with Shelley, who read from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

This was the third story-time of the weekend and helped spread an extra little bit of magic on the final day of the festival.

Don't forget Story-time with Shelley continues every Saturday in the Kids' Reading Room at Books@One - 11am to 12pm

Mike & Elizabeth 

One Year On

Tempted to say, "Look, it was just BRILLIANT, OK?"  Up to 160 people gathered at The Derrylahan, in a small town on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland for the main event of a first ever Book Festival of a little community bookshop celebrating two serious Irish literary talents, one slightly more seasoned than t'other (no offence Mike!).  Crazy huh? Mike McCormack was spellbinding and Elizabeth Reapy was a pure delight as they read from their novels, were interviewed by Caroline Healy and answered audience questions (of which there were many).  Neither author had ever encountered such long book-signing queues. BRILLIANT.

Legends of Louisburgh- Kieran Cooke

Such a fitting way to bring a Community Festival to a close. Introduced by Orla Gaffney (daughter of, Charlie, one of the Legends being remembered), Kieran Cooke took the capacity audience on a wonderfully witty and emotive trip to a bygone era in the town. With friends and family of both Legends - the other being Oliver Harney - present, we found ourselves wondering why all Sunday afternoons can't be spent in such wonderful company.

Closing Event -Have Your Say @One...Open Mic

A very chilled way to round off a busy weekend.  Assorted poetry readings and a piece by our very own talent, Jake Kilcoyne (Jake works in the bookshop and will shortly be back at school - he's also the son of Marian Kilcoyne who featured on opening night and read for us once again at the Open Mic).  An unexpected and completely delightful treat came in the guise of two young and extremely gifted girls over from the UK with their ukuleles. That's right. Ukuleles. Beautiful voices too.  We have been spoiled this weekend.

First Prize Winner

Harry Potter Box Set

Second Prize Winner

SEA Gastronomy

Third Prize Winner - €50 Books@One Voucher

And of course,

there's always a raffle...

A very BIG note of THANKS to all who contributed to the First Ever Books@One Festival:

  • Everyone who came along to the events - it was such a great turnout!

  • The Writers and Authors who took time out of busy schedules to take part. 

  • The amazing Story-telling and Creative Workshop Facilitators who entertained and inspired the youngsters.

  • Those who donated wine, food and venues - Corrib Oil, Gala, The Derrylahan, The Country Kitchen, Louisburgh Library, Solas Craftshop & Upstairs Gallery,  plus those who made anonymous cash donations.

  • Those who took on the task of 'interviewer' and all the other festival volunteers who gave their time freely and willingly.

  • Those who helped spread the word on Social Media and other means; also by just getting excited and talking about it the old-fashioned way.

  • One Foundation for having the crazy notion of funding a community bookshop in a small West of Ireland town in the first place...



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