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A quick review of our two latest reads.

First up...‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris

I am by no means a fast reader. I wish I was; I am forever jealous of those who seem to read book after book so quickly, but that’s not how I am built.  However, I read this book in practically one sitting which is pretty unheard of for me. That seemed to be a similar experience for the other members of the book club who gave Lale’s story a unanimous thumbs up.

You know the setting, you know the history, you may even recognise some of the characters b...

Hello Readers,

November’s choice for our members was Tara Westover’s memoir ‘Educated’.

Published in 2018, Tara charts the story of her unorthodox upbringing; I say upbringing but in truth she was more dragged along than brought up. Tara is the daughter of fundamentalist Mormons from Idaho; the daughter of a man who built an underground bunker in preparation for the end of days; the daughter of a woman who forbade her from taking conventional medicine; the daughter of parents who did not believe in giving their children a formal education.

Life is hars...

Our latest choice was ‘The Reader’ published by Bernard Schlink in 1997 which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The story is set in Germany in 1958. Michael, a 15-year-old schoolboy, embarks on a forbidden affair with a 36-year-old train conductor named Hanna.  They hide it. They pretend nothing is happening. What else are they hiding? Years after their affair, their paths collide in a most unexpected way. Hanna and Michael are both in court at the war trials, the result of which will be life changing for both.

Schlink describes his work saying ‘...

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