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Social Distancing Diaries

An opportunity for aspiring writers to see their work in print whilst supporting social enterprise and community-based charities.




Eight Seven Six Zero To Us!

Weird birthday traditions of the world include covering the birthday person in flour (Caribbean), pulling on earlobes (Hungary), smearing noses with butter (Canada), assembling fairy bread (Australia) or shaving heads and holding over a fire pit (India). Here at Books@One, Louisburgh, County Mayo, we want to blaze the trail for our own fabulous birthday traditions and celebrations. As previously highlighted, at the height of madness, in the depths of a downturn, the idea for Books@One was hatched. Against all odds the dark horse of all community and social enterprise projects was born. And we have managed to survived eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours to date…in other words, we ar

First Draft Fears - Tips for Writers

‘The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.’ These are wise words from Terry Pratchett and serve to help demystify the process of writing. The kernel of this advice is simple…tell your story! Some stories you tell quietly to yourself, some you tell your friends, some you commit to paper and some, once committed to paper, you share with others. It is all storytelling, in one form or another. However, most importantly with all literary works, is the first impression. We at Books@One are no stranger to firsts, be that first drafts or first impressions. We are, in essence, a bookstore of firsts. We are the first bookstore in our little town of Louisburgh, County Mayo. The first soci

How to Function With an Addiction - Five Easy Steps.

If you want to know how to cope with an addiction, then you have come to the right (write) place. Below are some hot tips in how to deal with messy, all consuming, soul-enflaming ADDICTION. Addiction for me is a daily struggle. I mean there is coffee…always the caffeine, and chocolate (caffeine again) and tea (Damn You Caffeine!) from which to try and extract oneself but did you know, that marauding amongst these mundane addictions, is something far worse, something far more challenging from which to escape. Hello – my name is Caroline and I am an addict. I suffer from a not-so-rare addiction known as Tsundoku. Tsundoku is the addiction to reading material, the need to purchase and possess a

Books? Why Bother!

Drugs affect the chemical makeup of your brain, and like anything that alters your state of mind, can be highly addictive. Are addictions often promoted? Encouraged? Championed even? Not in our modern society, but here is one blog post that is all about promoting addiction. Why? Because this addiction could help you survive modern day living. I’m talking about reading, of course. Reading is purported to give you a survival advantage over your fellow man (woman). More on that later. And here you are thinking that books were simply a pleasure item to be enjoyed at your ease. Little did you know that reading, the very action of turning the page itself, can have curative properties (as well as b

Our latest read...The Luminaries

Hello Readers, Is there a book for every season? It was an idea we pondered when discussing our last choice ‘The Luminaries’ by Eleanor Catton. Are there books more suited to nights by the fire while others fare better under a blue sky? Or were we simply getting creative with our excuses as to why very few of us could engage with this book...The verdict is out. It is a fine book by all accounts but it’s tough work; the level of detail we were presented with bested us on this occasion I’m afraid. Catton looks like she is onto something great, kicking off her story with the classic scenario of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We watch as Walter Moody stumbles upon a dark and deadly



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